Simulation and Analysis of QKD currently supporting the BB84 variant. -


This page contains a set of plots generated by the QKD Simulation Toolkit © that reflect some of the asymptotical properties of QKD and certain specific studies found in the literature. More plots and more information surrounding what each plot illustrates will be added soon.

QKD Sifting Plot

Plot of QKD sifting

QKD Biased Error Estimation Plot

Plot of QKD biased error estimation

QKD Shannon Bound vs. Error Correction Plot

Plot of QKD Shannon Bound vs. Error Correction

QKD Simulation

Choose a simulator based on the properties of QKD that you would like to further investigate, fine-tune the initial parameters and define constraints for each subprotocol and run the simulator.

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Detailed Analysis

Each simulation run will present you with a highly detailed set of results covering every step of the protocol, including internal details of every sub-protocol, e.g. sifting, error correction, privacy amplification, etc. along with a summary of statistics.

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Most simulation types will create high quality publication ready plots illustrating core properties of QKD and more specifically, those of each run. We can run resource-intensive simulations for you locally upon request.

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